International tax expertise in the heart of the Mediterranean

Malta is Europe’s fastest growing financial services centre.

Legislation which was enacted in late 1994, and subsequently amended in 2004 and 2007, provides a regulatory framework for financial services activities and international business.

Malta's wide Double Tax Treaty Network, as well as other methods for relieving Double Taxation on cross border transactions, provides an excellent basis for establishing tax efficient structures.  Malta’s system is particularly attractive for holding companies, intellectual property companies, finance or treasury operations, captives and funds.

Malta-based companies which have foreign-source income may claim a Flat Rate Foreign Tax Credit to reduce the effective Malta tax which is payable. Meanwhile, the system of tax credits and tax refunds, which operate under Malta’s full imputation system, continue to prove very attractive for companies with foreign source income such as interest and royalties.

The introduction of the participation exemption regime in 2007, which is applicable to dividend income as well as capital gains from participating holdings, continue to make Malta even more attractive for holding companies.

Captive Insurance Companies, or Affiliated Insurance Companies as they are known in Malta, Collective Investment Schemes and Professional Investor Funds, are also attractive vehicles because of the regulatory environment, tax exemptions and the single passport rights.

Aside from the modern regulatory framework and efficient tax system, Malta has the additional advantages of a central location, qualified and flexible human resources, a developed and stable infrastructure and a flexible operating cost base that can provide excellent opportunities and incentives for your enterprise.

Our firm can help you set up in Malta and assist you as your business develops. We provide advice on setup structures and assist with any applications that may be necessary. We also provide company management and administration services, directorships, company secretarial and back office operations.

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