Benefits that make Malta the clear choice for business

Financial services have become one of Malta’s most important industries, attracting ever-more attention from leading investors around the world. Moreover, the islands offer numerous benefits to setting up here, including:

  • Being a member of the EU (since 2004)
  • The adoption of the Euro in January 2008
  • A well-educated, multi-lingual workforce
  • Being a hub for knowledge-based industries and a centre for excellence
  • Established trade links with Europe, North Africa and Middle East, with close diplomatic ties to all three
  • Financial Services make up over 12% of the GDP (which is set to double in the next decade)
  • A strong, yet flexible single regulatory body in the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA)
  • A tax-efficient environment, with a full imputation system and double taxation treaties with over 50 countries
  • Excellent potential for the low-cost financing of investment transactions and international activities
  • Foreign banks with the latest technology
  • Modern developed telecommunications system, with wireless internet connections, VOIP, WiMax, and 3.5G
  • An international airport, with direct flights to most major cities across Europe with both standard and low-cost airlines
  • The Malta Freeport, which services 115 ports worldwide
  • High quality health care services


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